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Lucas Kennedy’s “Day as the Prime Minister”.


Charlie Hooper's thoughts of leadership:


I have been asked to lead my football team, Berks Elite, as the captain of the team during a football match.


I enjoyed being the captain and think I was a good leader. I'd tell them to get back into their positions, supporting and encouraging my other team mates throughout the game and leading by example, like putting in 100%effort. My Dad says I'm loud and clear with my instructions, which is good during the game.


We talked about different leaderships and that some might be better than others in different situations.  We also looked at a wolf pack, where the leader, (the Alpha wolf) leads from the back, making sure everyone is safe and on the right track.

Oscar from willow class has designed his own school

This is Zack Underwood’s (Y1 - Maple Class) design of his own school.


He decided to call it Pilgrims Cross School because he likes his school although the design of his school is different because he says there are more classrooms and Mr Le Fevre and Mr Osmond’s classrooms are upstairs with the two windows in the second level.


Henry (from Maple class) built his own school on minecraft.

This is "Henry (from Maple class) built his own school on minecraft." by pilgrims cross on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who...

Here is my superhero school I made out of Lego today I had great fun making it and it has lots of special powers and hidden gems inside- Luke Year 1

"Esme and her brother Blake created their own version of school out of mega blocks.


They were very pleased with themselves 😀 and used Lego figures as the pupils."