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Weekly Headteacher Email - 21st May 2021


Where is the sunshine? My son told me that it is only 30 days till summer, well I wish there would be some indication of it as it felt more wintery this morning than nearly summer. Anyway, the children have been great coping with the changes of rain and dry at lunchtime and a heavy shower at lunch I think is hoped for by some due to the excitement it causes! 

I am aware I have not been out in the mornings as much over the last few weeks, it is nothing personal. I have just had to support children in school in the mornings and also had a few early morning online meetings. However, I will try better.


Behaviour policy changes 

We are trying to ensure consistency and equity across the school regarding behaviour guidance. We want to work towards the children being motivated to do the right thing because of their values not because they will be rewarded or that there is a threat of a consequence. We want our children to do the right thing to support themselves, and others, learning together and feeling safe. 

So, we are trialling some changes detailed below...

  1. We are focussing on certain praise phrases such as Thank you for...It is really helpful to others when you.., I noticed you were...thank you. Focussing on loving behaviours and behaviours for learning. 
  2. The introduction of new "Thank you" stickers for children who receive a GOLD STAR (or if children make a sharing of learning/vision behaviour visit to Head or Deputy Headteacher and these will be the only stickers issued in school. These stickers are thanking the children for going beyond the green expectation. 
  3. There will a stronger emphasis on class treat time which are achieved when class have demonstrated behaviour beyond their class charter or displayed their statements on their charter to a high standard. For example, the class will be recognised if have shown great love to each other or a high level of resilience in their maths learning. (This will replace weekly vision time.)
  4. There are now 3 levels of red card
    Level 1 - reflection time with teacher (this could be playtime or lunch or another appropriate time.)
    Level 2 - reflection time Phase professional guide (phase leader)
    Level 3 - reflection time with Head / Deputy Headteacher.
    As you can imagine the reflection time becomes more serious at each level. Children can go directly to Level 2 and Level 3 if there is a significant incident. Otherwise, children may move through the levels if required.
    We are of course hoping the reflection time enables the child to reflect, discuss the impact of their behaviour, apologise if necessary and agree alternative behaviours to get back to green and stay on green and if the child is safe to return to the area, they are finding difficult (focusing on others safety and learning.)
    If you are not familiar with the colours - Gold star - is great, Green is good - our expectation and where all children start each day, Yellow is warning and reminder guidance to behave in a green manner and red - this is where behaviours are not acceptable or appropriate and reflection time etc is then put in place.
  5. Vision certificates will continue on a Friday.

As I said we are trialling these changes next half term and I will be asking for your feedback at the end of the summer term re the changes and if there are any changes to the children's behaviour or perceptions etc. 


Scooters and bikes 

No Scooters or Bicycles are allowed to be ridden on school site. That includes all paths and car park. We have this safety restriction to reduce the risk of other visitors being hit or knocked. So please can you ensure your child pushes their scooter or bike to and from the school gates. Thank you. 



Please see below the policy with regards to children wearing Earrings in school.

1.       No jewellery, apart from stud earrings, in the ear lobe, can be worn to school. Any exceptions must be submitted in writing and be agreed by the Headteacher and are usually for specific religious, medical or cultural reasons. 

2.       All Jewellery, including earrings must be removed for PE lesson except if they cannot be removed for exceptional circumstances (e.g. religious reasons or newly pierced ears (approx. for 4-6 weeks after piercing).  

3.       Staff cannot remove or insert earrings.  If the child cannot remove and replace the earrings, the earrings must be removed by parents or carers on the days the children have PE, before the child comes to school. 

4.       For exceptional circumstances, earrings need to secured by the use of micropore tape or masking tape (not elastoplast or sellotape). In these circumstances care must be taken to cover the spike at the back of the ear lobe effectively. 

5.       Staff cannot apply the tape so if the child cannot apply the tape successfully the parent / carer must ensure this is done at the start of the school day if the child has PE.

Thank you with your support with this. 


School Photographer

On Thursday 10th June, the photographers will be in school to take the children portrait photographs. We will be in touch to confirm how you will be able to order the photographs should you wish to. 


Cyber Ambassadors 

Our wonderful Cyber ambassadors have been sharing their learning with the whole school this week and introduced one of our INTERNET SAFFETY MONSTERS - Info Eater to all the children. These internet safety monsters all focus on one aspect of Cyber-safety and this one likes to collect personal data but we have some tips to defeat the monster! 

I have attached a copy of the info we have shared with the children so you can have a copy at home to discuss and help them keep safe online.   

The cyber ambassadors will be sharing a new monster every couple of weeks so we will send you a copy of the info each time we discuss a monster in school. 

(P.S. I am using these at home with my children as I have realised they know so much more than I do!!) 


Reading Books

Message from my English Professional Guides - Mr Osmond and Mrs Plaw

As we are all back it in school, please can we ask that all children bring in their reading books on the correct day for their year group. It is really important that children are changing their books and reading regularly; and we need to try and get as many books back as possible. So, please can you have a good look around the house to see if you have any school reading or library books. Don’t forget that ‘Bug Club’ is still available and is great for supporting reading and comprehension skills.  

A Farewell 


I am very sad to let you know that Mrs Martin, Willow Class LSA, will be leaving us next Monday. Mrs Martin has made the decision to move from us to another opportunity which better suits her personal circumstances. I know many of you will be saddened by this news as she has been a great support to your children. She will be missed by children and staff alike. 


I wanted to share this news alongside informing you of the new member of Willow's staff team.  I am very pleased to let you know we have recruited a new member of staff to work in Willow class, and her name is Miss Varndell. 


I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Martin all the very best and thank her for all her hard work her at Pilgrims' Cross. 


Have a great weekend and thank you for your ongoing support and as always may your God be with you. 


Mr Le Fevre