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Have a look at the image below. I captured it in the hall this week. Mr Le Fevre has created a new frieze that wraps itself around the hall wall telling the Christian story in full. This is one of the images. It tells the story of Jesus, who was with his disciples doing some teaching, when parents started arriving and allowing their children to run up to Jesus and introduce themselves. The disciples were disapproving of this because they felt that Jesus’ teaching was more important than having young children gathered around him, asking for a hug. Jesus noticed their attitude and took the opportunity to remind the disciples that children are the kind of people we should look up to because of their openness and humility.

‘Let them come to me and do not hinder them,’ Jesus said. And that was that. The story also shows us that Jesus was good with children. Children are incredibly perceptive and know the people they feel comfortable with. Jesus obviously gave them a loving sense of well-being and the children felt safe being with him. They acted naturally.

What does this teach us as adults? Well, despite the challenges and difficulties of this lockdown period, we’ve had, and are having, an opportunity to bond with one another like never before and in doing so, it has highlighted what really matters, and children come top of that list don’t they.

My Loving (Art) Learning Challenge for the children this week:

Choice 1:  Art is a great way to express our own thoughts and feelings. Can you create an image that sums up your sensations since we’ve been away from school or could you create an image that continues to give a message of love and hope to us all?

Choice 2: I noticed on the news that some people are taking up Virtual Portrait painting. They are looking at a relative or friend’s face on Skype or Zoom or using a photograph and then they are drawing or painting a portrait of that person (bringing them closer to home). See attached below some slides which help with drawing the proportions of a face.

Keep sending your Loving Challenges in to Mr Le Fevre or myself. The ‘Captain Tom’ medals and birthday cards were awesome.
I have also attached a ‘Kindness Calendar’ for the month of May, issued by
St.John’s Ambulance, as well as the weekly Thrive activities. Take care.