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Hello once again,

So here we are, my final entry before the Summer Holidays, and may I say that I have thoroughly enjoyed composing these messages over the last four months. We have come so far in such a short space of time and we have all done tremendously well given the circumstances we have all had to adapt to and the challenges that we have all undoubtedly faced. 

It has proved to me that the human spirit burns brighter than ever in the most adverse conditions and that you children are the ones that give us an eternal hope, enabling us to look forward to the future. You take our minds off the things that we shouldn’t be dwelling upon, as you ask us to enjoy the moment and not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has enough worries of its own. You teach us how to be. You put smiles on our faces and your beautiful innocence takes us back to a time when we saw the world through an open prism, believing anything is possible.

What a privilege (and a responsibility) it is to be a teacher - to be able to work with, and amongst, young children and become an integral part of your lives at this primary age, in order to stand you in good stead for times ahead. What’s interesting about this vocation, is that you never really understand the full impact of your teaching until someone calls out your name in the high street and you notice a 20-25 year old person standing in front of you, that you struggle to recognise, and they then start telling you about the time you took them out in the rain, first thing in the morning, on the anniversary of D-Day, in their raincoats and said that this was very similar weather to that actual day on June 6th 1944, when the British, American and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. Teaching and teachers stick in the memory. We all remember our primary school teachers don’t we! I guess the question is, how would you like your teaching to be remembered?

At this point, I would just like to give a special mention to the Year 6 children, who are saying ‘goodbye’ to us next week. Due to the COVID pandemic you have sadly missed out on the normal conclusions to your time at primary school and today, as I spoke with Xander, I had a rush of how unfair that must seem to you all. And yet, despite this, you have shown yourselves to be true Pilgrims’ Cross role-models. You have shown true LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST in all you say and do. You have shown such humility and strength in the way you have accepted the circumstances and adapted to the new challenges that have come your way and as I watched you quietly leave the school site this afternoon, I was truly grateful for all you have given to this school, in whatever capacity, and what you gave to our lives as teachers and staff. There is no better job. Take care Year 6’s and keep making that positive difference.


Talking of wonderful memories, here are a few pictures and slides from the messages I have shared with you since April. See if they bring back any positive thoughts and sensations during our time away from school.
















 This week’s final challenge is already familiar to you. I noticed Mr Le Fevre’s excellent challenges this week and we both agreed (while watching two large herons fly overhead – we were in the playground chatting) that these would be the activities for you to focus on one last time.


Here they are: 


Please send to the photos, and/or a few sentences, and/or a drawing that demonstrates something that has gone well for you, or has more positive experience for you, during this LOCKDOWN period.


 We know LOCKDOWN has not been ideal and at times really hard, but we (Mr Le Fevre and I) think we can all remember something that has improved in the time we have been away from school.  


ALL your entries will be added to this webpage as a “CELEBRATION of LOCKDOWN@PILGRIMS’ CROSS”



Many of the residents of the local care homes still have not been able to have visitors to see them. So please, before we enter the holidays, could you send a letter or drawing to them. Below are the linked Year groups to the associated Care Homes. These could be the same thoughts and ideas that you decide to send us in Challenge 1.


 YEAR R and 5


Rothsay Grange

Weyhill Road,


SP11 0PN


YEAR 1 and 6


The Andover Nursing Home

Weyhill Road


SP10 3AN


YEAR 2 and 4


Harrier Grange Care Home

Hawker Siddeley Way,


SP11 8BF





Millway House Nursing Home



SP11 8DE




KS2 Thrive Activities – the final week



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