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Hello again everyone.

That cold blast of air has been a bit of a shock to the system hasn’t it? Let’s hope things start to warm up again soon, it is May after all. Spending time with our families enables us to feel warm inside though doesn’t it. Both my wife and daughter will have their birthdays this week. My wife will hit the 40 mark (she may not be too impressed that I’ve shared that!) and Rosie will be 7. These days will be celebrated slightly differently, without the usual family visitors in the evening crowded round a candlelit cake singing ‘Happy Birthday’ but we’ll find ways round it. We can have a Skype sing-along and have other friends and family sending their love via the phone or internet. 

Other ways of sending our love haven’t changed. Interestingly (despite the increased use of Skype and ZOOM),  sending cards and writing letters has become even more popular during the lockdown. ‘Captain Tom’, or should I say ‘Colonel Tom’, received over 140,000 handwritten birthday cards and best wishes when he reached his magical century!

People have started looking forward to receiving letters in the post, like we used to thirty years ago. People are sending their family and friends poems, photographs, portraits, pictures, cards and even creating lyrics for a song they composed.

Paul McCartney wrote a song about his friend John Lennon, entitled ‘Here Today’, wishing that he could see him again and wondering what they would say to one another if they did meet up. Below are some of the lyrics from that song (a song is a poem really).


But you were always there - with a smile.
And if I say, I really loved you and was glad you came along, if you were here today.
For you were in my song.



So, here is my Loving Challenge for you this week:

Think of someone you love, either at home, or somewhere else and…

Choice 1

Write them a letter, telling them why you love them and why they are so important to you.

Choice 2

Create a poem or song about the special someone you are thinking of.

Choice 3

Send someone special to you a card.

Choice 4

Your own choice or follow the suggestions here.


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