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Hello again everyone,

Can I just say that Mr Le Fevre and I really enjoy creating these messages each week, checking in with you, seeing how you are, sending our communications of encouragement and hope. As Colonel Tom said ‘…the clouds will clear…’ and ‘…the sun will come out again…’ There are numerous examples (meaning: too many to count), during this lockdown period, where the very best in human nature has been demonstrated. Acts of LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST that just cannot be ignored. People thinking about other people. People putting others first, before themselves and their own needs. Now that is something! That is human nature at its very best! It would be so easy for us all to become insular and just concern ourselves with what we feel we need and deserve but something deep inside compels us to look beyond our own horizons and lift others up to share the view, in an attempt to see a clear way forward.

In the future, I think we will look back on this time with our children as an extraordinary moment in each other’s lives. We have had to protect and nurture our own children like never before and I, for one, have loved every (challenging) minute of it. Today, my children and I took a walk to Farley Mount, Rosie took her ‘birthday’ camera. We saw 4 hares, 3 house martins, a plethora of butterflies, some deer (albeit from far away, in a herd or bunch), we heard a pheasant and saw and heard a skylark (a bird the size of a sparrow, that nests on the ground and flies vertically with a warbling, high pitched song).

Rosie at one point shouted, ‘Everything is so green! There are so many different shades of green.’ That got me thinking about this week’s Loving Challenge.

The colour green encourages us to have a healthy relationship with our feelings. Emotions are necessary and important, and the colour green is a strong proponent of this notion. Green keeps the peace. Regarded as a kind and caring colour, green doesn’t enjoy ruffling feathers. Instead, the colour green maintains order and is a calming influence.

Here are some examples of artwork and a couple of photos Rosie took on our walk, celebrating the colour green:






Apparently, human eyesight can recognise many shades of green easily because our ancestor’s main colour photoreceptor was green, probably from us living in woods and forests. Green is also at the very centre of the solar spectrum, where the sun’s output is at its strongest on these wavelengths! No wonder we love green so much.


My Loving Challenge this week:

I’d like you to think GREEN. Create anything that comes to you when you consider this colour. You might want to contemplate the colour first, sit back, close your eyes, visualise it or you could lie under a tree and look up and consider the canopy that covers you or on a walk (or from your window) you could identify as many shades of green you can actually see.

This will then fuel you up to create a piece of learning from your GREEN experience.

You might want to:

  • Take photos
  • Create 10 ‘Green’ questions. If ‘Green’ walked into the room and sat down, what would you ask it?
  • A painting
  • A poem
  • A green leaf rubbing
  • Write a song
  • A woodland story
  • Create a GREEN shopping list

Once again, feel free to send Mr Le Fevre or myself your ‘GREEN’ outcomes.


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