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Hello everyone, I hope you have managed to catch some of the lovely sunshine this week whilst staying safely at home. Thank you for your Spring pictures from last week’s loving challenge.

Mr Le Fevre has uploaded those pictures you have sent into on to last week's page. 


Here is my next loving challenge to you all.

I recently noticed this photograph in the news.


It’s fantastic isn’t it! It was taken by Roger Cox, from East London, who also won the Mammal Society Member’s Award for the photograph. He said: ‘I took this picture when the fox jumped up on my car to investigate if there was anything of interest for it.’


This gave me the idea for this week’s challenge. Foxes are my favourite animal, closely followed by otters and kestrels. There is something wonderfully mysterious about a fox. They have beautiful pointed faces that exude curiosity and cunning. They are bold but shy and they move effortlessly within their chosen environment. To see one is a real treat, but rare. I have a childhood memory of a fox darting out in front of me as I took a country walk with my father. I distinctly remember him stopping in the middle of the path (an old disused railway line) ahead of us, my father and I also froze on the spot, and the fox stared at us for what seemed like an age before disappearing into undergrowth. Unforgettable.


Anyway, I digress, here’s the challenge:


Think of your favourite animal. Can you create a piece of learning to celebrate the beauty of your chosen creature? A drawing or painting, a poem, a song, a real life account – a bit like the fox encounter I shared earlier, share a photograph, create a short story with your animal as the main character, a news item, an information poster…


See below a Senses grid. You may find this useful when you’re trying to collect a bank of words or phrases to describe your favourite animal.


(Please send you Animal creations into and Mr Le Fevre will upload them onto the website.)