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Friday 29th January

This week's Picture News Poster

Here are some questions that might help the picture have some relevance to the children.

Have you ever had someone who has been chosen to lead your line to assembly or out to play?

Have you ever played a game of follow my leader?

Discuss what the leader’s job is in each of these situations e.g. to set an example for everyone, to be in charge, to make up the movements for everyone else to follow. 

Explain that a leader is a person who is in charge of a group, organisation or country. They lead or command the people who are in that group, organisation or country. 


You can even use myself as an example?! 


I would be very interested to know what the children think I need to do to be a GODD School Leader:-) (Answers to!) 

Hone Learning activities

Home learning resources - pls remember these do not need to be printed. They can be completed on the computer or just some notes using the prompts on the resources.

Worship with Mr Le Fevre - TRUST - FRIDAY 29th Jan @ 2.15pm

Hi All
I will watch this at 2.15pm on Friday so we can be Together :-)

The words of the song freeze half way through for some reason so below is the full video. 

You might like to play it again and even learn the words for it as I think it is a great song for right now! 
TURN UP THE VOLUME AND SING - apparently it is good for your mental health so what other excuse do we need! 

In God We Trust (lyrics) Open Heaven /River Wild by Hillsong Worship

Title:In God We Trust (lyrics) Open Heaven /River Wild Artist: Hillsong WorshipAlbum: Open Heaven /River Wild