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Autumn 2

Year 5’s Adventure: The Secrets of Stonehenge…


Firstly, a huge well done to Year 5! The children have successfully completed their first term as members of upper Key Stage 2, and we are extremely proud of them all. The children have demonstrated resilience through the challenge of going into a second UK lockdown, and we hope they feel a sense of personal achievement despite this.


This adventure started with the children creating their own Stone Age style artwork, which has been displayed proudly in their classrooms throughout this half term. They examined artefacts and gained an understanding of how people in the Stone Age lived. In maths, our first mini adventure focussed on our multiplication and division skills, learning how we could accurately create a feast for the villagers of Skara Brae! Our next mini adventure focussed on measurement- improving our skills surrounding perimeter, converting between units of measurement and using decimals so that we could compare different stone structures in the UK. Our final mini adventure in maths focussed on geometry- improving our skills around shape, symmetry, and angles- so that we could design our own geometric stone structure!


In English the children have worked hard on several mini adventures. Firstly, the children created a non-fiction leaflet about Stone Age tools, imagining that we would give them out at Stonehenge. They researched information and used their writing skills to create an informative, factual leaflet. Next, the children created their own bedtime story based on the book The Boy with the Bronze Axe. Several of the children’s stories were picked to be read out by Santa himself, via video link! The stories were truly engaging, gripping and interesting- with the children using a combination of their own characters and the book’s to create a brilliant story of their own to take home.


In history lessons, the children became different tribes and acted out scenarios about the discovery of a different resource, such as bronze, gold, or iron. In science, the children learned about different forces and they undertook their own experiments focussing on how the mass of an object affects gravity, and how levers, pulleys and gears work!


The children have all achieved amazing things this term, collectively and individually- and we are proud of them. We hope that you have a restful and enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Miss Gill (Pine) and Mrs Stock (Hawthorn)

Autumn 2 Flexible Learning Map - Year 5