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Autumn 2

Autumn 2

Saxons and Scots


Firstly, we would like to say a massive thank you and well done to Year 4 for showing resilience and courage throughout their learning adventure this half term. The children continued to work hard and engage themselves in a range of learning experiences despite all of the additional worries about the Pandemic and the Lockdown. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them and all that they have achieved.

This half term has been a whirlwind of adventure as we have explored the time of Saxons and Scots in England. The children got stuck in straight away looking at a range of mysterious historical artefacts and making historical guesses for what they might have been used for.

This led to researching the lives of Saxons and Scots and deciding who was better. We used our research skills to become historical experts until we were ready to be faced with a special historical visitor – a Saxon! We asked them lots of questions to try and find out who was better, although the Saxon may have been slightly biased!

In our English adventures this half term we explored a range of different writing features to help develop our writing further. We cast our minds back to the battles of the Saxons and Scots and used this as inspiration for our own poetry to prepare our armies for battle. We also became budding authors as we created our own engaging Saxon and Scot narratives to keep our readers on the edge of their seats.

The children have also worked hard throughout our different maths adventures to apply their skills within different adventurous contexts. In our first adventure, we used our knowledge of multiplication and division to help the Saxons and Scots become battle ready. Next, we used our knowledge of ‘Anglo-fractions’ to assist King Vortigern and his warriors with their invasion routes across Britain. Finally, we explored addition and subtraction using money to help the Saxons and Scots figure out who had the most resources.

We also explored the different foods the Saxons and Scots might have eaten and came to the overall conclusion that we prefer the much wider range of foods we have available today. We then used our knowledge to create our own healthy meal that could have been available during the Saxon and Scot era, alongside our Saxon and Scot menus to test out at home. One of the biggest surprises during our DT learning was that the Saxons and Scots didn’t use sugar! We also enjoyed exploring levers, inputs and outputs when we made our own Saxon and Scot moving flags.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas break.

Mrs Hutchison, Miss Clarke and Mr Rushton

Autumn 2 Flexible Learning Map - Year 4