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Autumn 2

Aspen Peace Pledge

As part of our celebration of Advent, the children have written their own PEACE PLEDGE in week 2 of Advent. 

Aspen Class

Year 6: Autumn 2 Blog

This half-term, Year 6’s stepped back in time over a hundred years to the infamous Victorian era during our adventure ‘Dreaming Big in the 19th Century!’

The adventure began with our Hook Day, in which the children arrived to school dressed as children from the Victorian Times, ready to experience what a day at school would have been like for the children all those years ago. Throughout the day, the children had to: sit in formal rows, were not permitted to talk unless an adult instructed them to, follow strict school rules, take part in physical drills and learn important phrases such as: ‘If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well!’.

Across the adventure we focused on the history links to our hometown, Andover, and investigated ‘The Andover Workhouse Scandal’. In History, we investigated the significance, change, cause and effect of The Industrial Revolution and how street light developed over time. In other adventures we took weeks to plan, design, create a prototype for and eventually build our own Victorian Style Lanterns that Captain Scott could use on his Terra Nova expedition. In Science, we investigated how adding or removing electrical components created variations in circuits. In our English Mini Adventures we practised our fact-finding, organisational and sentence structure skills to create a non-chronological report all about Workhouses so the Andover Museum could send these out to local schools.

In our Maths Mini Adventures, we used our knowledge of equivalent fractions to create board games that could be used during the long journey of the first steam train.

We celebrated our learning by creating presentations about the Industrial Revolution and presented these to our families.