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Autumn 2 - Year 3 Blog

Another fantastic half term for our Year Threes! They have been so engaged in this Learning Adventure, enjoying sharing all of their new Indus Valley expertise.

This half term, the children have explored a History based Learning Adventure called ‘Lost Lands’ looking at the Indus Valley civilisation. We started our adventure by creating our own Indus Valley cities using Lego and making Indus inspired jewellery with beads. We located the Indus Valley and learnt many interesting facts about the Indus civilisation. By the end of the day, the children were very enthused in the topic and eager to share the knowledge and creations with each other.

During our History Learning Adventure lessons we focused on the Indus Valley, asking historical questions and researching all about the Indus people to answer these questions ourselves. The children enjoyed creating a timeline and we dug in sand to find pictures of the Indus Valley to compare to modern day living. The children loved attending an Indus Valley Workshop where they acted out the lives of different classes of people in the Indus Valley and created tableaus of their interesting homes and lives. Their scenes were so creative and imaginative!

In DT, we worked towards cooking our own Indus inspired curries. We looked at what savoury foods are and looked at different curries to find the ingredients that they included. The children explored the BBC Good Food website to find the fruits and vegetables that were in season and decided which of these they wanted to include in their own curries. We created food safety posters and used this knowledge and our cooking skills to cook our own curries as a group. The children’s curries smelled fantastic and we enjoyed hearing the children’s evaluations of the best parts when they tasted them!

Our Science Learning Adventure this half term, focused on diet and nutrition. The children enjoyed using the knowledge of the nutrition humans and animals get from different foods to conduct an investigation into the food groups and nutrition in their school meals. We also looked at the skeletons and muscles of humans and animals, looking at vertebrates and invertebrates and building our own skeletons to include in our Indus Valley museum at the destination of our Learning Adventure.

During RE, the children studied the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. We learnt why Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, retold the Hanukkah story in our own words and looked at how candlelight is an important symbol in both Judaism and Christianity. We compared our own thoughts of candlelight to that of Christians and Jews and even designed our own Hanukkah celebrations!

We have had a great time learning French this half term. We have continued to develop our counting and colour skills and we can now sing the colours of the rainbow in French. We also looked at the four seasons and learnt how to describe them in French. We always look forward to developing more French speaking skills through the year.

In English, the children used all of the expertise on the Indus Valley to write a fact file to teach others the most interesting facts of this historic civilisation. They loved researching their ideas and choosing their favourite facts to include in their information piece. We also wrote a story based on the book called ‘Cinnamon’ using interesting adjectives to describe the beautiful palace. The children acted out the role of Cinnamon meeting the tiger to get into character and write great tales of her feelings as she learnt to speak.

In Maths, the children have been deepening their knowledge of multiplication, division and fractions. The children have been using their multiplication and division skills to help the Indus people organise their goods for trading. We have used multiplication and division methods to work out how many toys, bags of food and boats are needed in order to execute the trip. We also used our fraction skills to become Indus Valley Village Planners. We used our knowledge of identifying and comparing fractions to plant crops, build homes and provide goods to the people in our villages which resulted in us qualifying as Indus Villager Planners with an official certificate!

We celebrated the children’s wonderful work by bringing together all of their learning in an Indus Valley museum. They presented Indus Seals, their information pages, curries and skeletons in an excellent exhibition.

It has been a busy yet great half term and we would like to thank you for all of the continued support that you provide. We are looking forward to our next Learning Adventure together with the children next term!

Elm Class Peace Pledge

As part of our celebration of Advent, the children have written their own PEACE PLEDGE in week 2 of Advent. 

Elm Class

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