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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Flexible Learning Map - Year 1


Autumn 2

We have certainly had a busy and exciting second half of the Autumn term. Our learning adventure was Superheroes and the children absolutely loved our launch day where they got to come into school dressed as a Superhero themselves! We saw all sorts of different heroes from the Hulk and Iron Man to real life superheroes such as doctors, police officers and even David Attenborough! The children had lots of fun.


Next, to launch our Superheroes adventure further, we read a story called Traction Man. In this story, Traction Man is a very brave toy whose mission is to save other toys from danger all around the house. The children especially liked it when Traction Man saved the farm animals from the evil pillow! We practised the skill of retelling a part from the story as well as writing Traction Man’s next adventure, trying to say our sentence out loud first and remember those finger spaces in between each word. The teachers were so impressed with the children’s creative ideas! At the end of our Superheroes adventure, the children learnt about Real Life Superheroes, deciding that they were very important and helped all of us today! The children chose a Real Life Superhero to write facts about in order to create a class non-fiction book for our book corner.

In maths, we have been practising counting up to 50 forwards and backwards as well as learning how to count in 2s. We also practised partitioning numbers using the cherry model before learning how teen numbers can be split into tens and ones. We also continued to practise writing number sentences as well as revising our 2d shape knowledge.



In Science, the children have been learning about the five senses. First, we went on senses walks and thought about what we could see, hear, feel, smell and taste. We then investigated our hearing by experimenting with sound on the playground. The teachers told the children that they would blow their whistles outside and the children made some predictions and created some questions around how we would hear it best. For example, would we still hear with our hoods up? What if our friends were talking to us or if we were stood further away from the teacher? The children then tested out their ideas. To conclude our learning adventure about the senses, we had a senses day! The children got to smell lots of different things and sort them into likes and dislikes. The children particularly liked the smell of mint and rosemary but didn’t enjoy the vinegar or onions as much! The children also got to enjoy tasting a variety of different foods and sorting them into whether they tasted sweet, salty, bitter or sour. The teachers were very impressed with the children’s courage to try new things! Finally, the children made senses bottles, choosing to make either a noisy bottle or a bottle that they would enjoy looking at.


History, we have been learning all about toys from the past. First of all we looked at pictures of old toys before putting the pictures onto a timeline. We then looked at some old toys and talked about what they were made from. The children noticed that many toys from the past were made from wood or fabric rather than plastic. The children finished this learning adventure by turning the classroom into a toy museum. They chose a favourite toy to write facts about before the teachers filmed them reading their facts out at the museum.



Towards the end of the half term, we had lots of fun getting into the spirit of Christmas! The children have been learning about what Advent means at Christmas time, concluding this learning adventure by making their very own advent wreaths. They also enjoyed decorating their classrooms on decoration day and performing their very own Christmas song with actions for the grownups to enjoy.



The Year 1 team are so impressed with how hard the children worked this half term and are looking forward to all the exciting learning adventures coming up in the Spring.