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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 - To Infinity and Beyond


Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful Year 5 children who bounced into their new classrooms this year as if they hadn’t missed half of their previous year of education! It has been truly wonderful to see the way they have been supporting each other through the trials of Covid and lockdowns, and have managed to be resilient rhinos to keep going with their learning.


This adventure started with the children planning their own missions to space so that at the end of our adventure, thanks to all our learning, we could launch our rockets and go to space. During our first maths adventure the children earnt their astronaut kit by completing challenging problems including the 4 maths operations. This then allowed them to travel the solar system in their second maths adventure. Whilst we were travelling in our rocket between the different planets, the children were able to brush up on their fraction knowledge. However, trouble struck in our 3rd maths adventure as we travelled back home to Earth and were attacked by aliens! Luckily our hard working children were able to quickly work out the perimeter of our space ship to create a barrier between us and then solve problems to work out how far away they were and how much ammo we had left!


In English the children helped Dr Van der Dunkel to write a narrative about Moon Man’s journey back up to the moon. They had great fun thinking of all the different problems he could have encountered on his journey. Next, we learnt about the women of the space world and using ‘A Galaxy of her Own’ to help us we created informative reports about different female astronauts and their accomplishments – space is not just for men! Finally, we went to space ourselves with Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator where the children produced some highly imaginative diary writes as Charlie. All I can say is I cannot wait for Mr Wonka to create the delicious Moon Bar Crunches that were imagined in Year 5, they sound truly delicious!


Science was a highlight of the half term as children got their heads around the enormity of space and looked into the size difference of the planets in our solar system. Some were amazed at how small Earth is compared to some of the other, larger planets. The children also created some amazing moon posters so please do continue moon gazing with them at home and they will be able to tell you all about the moon’s cycle every month.

We hope you have had a great and relaxing half term and we are looking forward to all the new adventures (in school) that autumn 2 will bring.




Autumn 1 Flexible Learning Map - Year 5