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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 - The  Wild Coast

What a brilliant start to Year 4 we have had in both Beech and Ash classes this new school year! It has been amazing to be back together and feel the community spirit once more, with all the children working together to support each other after a strange and uncertain lockdown. The Year 4 team would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work the children have put in this half term as we dived in deep to The Wild Coast!

We started our Wild Coast adventure by exploring the physical and human features that we could find on our school site. The children sketched and labelled the features they could find and compared them to features on a range of local coastlines.

We used out geographical knowledge to have a lively debate to decide if we would prefer to live in one of the coastal locations we were looking at or here in Andover.  The children enjoyed sharing their ideas and opinions and most felt that they would like to live at the coast!

The children worked very hard in maths last half term and practiced their addition and subtraction skills in a variety of different ways. They did this as well as re-visiting work on fractions in order to help Mrs Lamb organise her coastal market. We were really impressed with how much the children had remembered from year 3, especially words naming lines for example, parallel, and perpendicular, horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

In science we looked into the life cycle of plants and water transportation in plants. The children enthusiastically took part in a practical experiment and made predictions about how much water would be absorbed by the flower if we placed them around the school in different locations.

In art the children really tuned into their creativity and found out about different ways to use layering and collage techniques in art. Some of the finished products were incredible and are proudly displayed in our Wild Coast display in the corridor.

The children all created their own coastal town at the end of the half term. They were tasked with designing somewhere that they would like to go on holiday. We saw an interesting array of ice cream shops, sea water pools, spa’s, beautiful houses and hotels with sea views and lots of pizza restaurants in addition to sandy beaches, rock pools and promenades. The children then labelled their designs and wrote about them to try and attract visitors to their coastal towns.

We hope that you all had a great half term holiday and found a little time to practice times tables and spellings. We have already launched our new adventure for Autumn 2 and look forward to telling you more about Saxons and Scots in the Spring term.

Autumn 1 Flexible learning map and vocabulary - Year 4