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The Wild Coast

The Year 4 children worked incredibly hard in Autumn 1. They settled into their new year group well, showing enthusiasm and excitement for their first learning adventure.

During our journey around the wild coasts of Great Britain, we spent time in Geography learning all about the range of physical and man-made features we find on our coastlines and the impact that these have on living things as well as changes which take place over time. We studied many of these aspects by looking at Ordnance survey maps and learning how to read them by using grid references and the key.

In Science, we learned to group and classify living things by asking questions and drawing our own ‘Dichotomous keys’ or Branching Databases after going on a living thing hunt around the school grounds and carrying out research into local areas.

In Art, we continued the theme of our wonderful Coastlines and looked at a variety of coastal artwork. We expressed opinions about which type of paintings we like or dislike and gave reasons for this. We chose aspects from the art work which we could incorporate into our own designs and we also spent time selecting colours, shades and effects for our own designs. We became artists for the day and produced the most wonderful canvases, which we will bring home at the end of this half term. They are currently proudly displayed outside of our classrooms in our own ‘Pilgrims Modern’ for all visitors to appreciate.

At the end of our Learning Adventure, we combined all of the information we had learned to design and seek planning permission for our own coastal town. We drew our ideas onto an OS map and then we used a key to show the physical and human features within our town.

We continued with our research in Computing and learned how to enter data into a database and present the results in a variety of different ways.

In RE, we learned about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. As part of this mini adventure, we designed our own Sukkah’s and Festivals, which we then used as inspiration for making our own fantastic models, which we decorated and shared with each other.

We really enjoyed our class texts in English last half term and managed to read ‘The Song of the Dolphin Boy,’ ‘A boy, a bear and a boat’ and ‘Town is by the sea’. We wrote the next chapter of ‘Town is by the sea’ in the style of the text or author. Later we created exciting adventure stories involving a coastal theme whilst ensuring that our writing included great vocabulary choices, a range of sentence lengths and structure as well as paragraphs.

We hope that you enjoyed hearing about our adventurous learning in the first half if the autumn term and we are looking forward to starting our new one for Autumn 2.