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Friday 5th March

Hello everyone,

I hope that this message finds you ALL safe and well. I have to admit that composing these messages has been one the highlights of my week since the lockdown started. It's great to check-in with you and send you well-being messages of LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST.

From Monday we will ALL be together again. A sense of normality will decend on the school and the sweet sounds of child conversation and laughter will fill the classrooms, playground and field. It almost feels like it's a new year and we're ALL starting over again. A new discovery, a new opportunity, a new beginning.

Now, with that comes a sense of hope and anticipation, and also a certain amount of trepidation and uncertainity. On Sunday you may have a sensation of 'butterflies' in your tummy or you might feel tight and fluttery, you might get a tingly sense of excitement at the thought of coming back to school.

What's important to remember is that you are not alone in ALL this. ALL of us will experience similar sensations this weekend and because we will ALL have these feelings, we shall ALL be in it together and be able to understand and empathise with one another. We will ALL be able to help and support each other, we can ALL share in the joy of being back together again and we can ALL discover and explore these feelings and sensations. We can ALL gain a sense of BELONGING and togetherness by doing so.


Have you seen on the news the images taken by NASA's rover robot 'Perseverance'? This incredible vechicle has somehow parachuted down to the surface of Mars and is now, as we speak, trundling across Mars' lunar landscape taking incredible pictures from each and every vantage point. Here are some of those fabulous examples.

Amazing images aren't they! Apparently, from these pictures NASA can already theorize that Mars had ancient rivers and lakes and that these may have teemed with crustaceans and even small fish! Life on other planets, who'd have thought? You are going to grow up into a world that will want (and have the technology) to explore and discover more about the complex nature of space, search the depths of our own oceans and further investigate the workings of Earth's - and other planets - climate and atmosphere.

To live and work in this technological world will be so exciting and one in which you will need perseverance.

The word perseverance means continued effort and determination.

So next week we shall begin again with renewed enthuasiasm and a readiness to learn and we shall ALL continue to promote the school's core values of LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST in everything we say and do.


Have a great weekend and see you ALL on Monday.