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YEAR R - Oak and Willow

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 1 Learning Adventure - Ready Steady Grow!


What an amazing half term this has been.  The children were very engaged in our topic of plants. We developed a patch in our outdoors area in which we planted various plants and seeds. We then watched them grow as we learnt how to look after them.
We learnt the different parts of the plants and went out for small walks to find various examples. We then did some fantastic observational drawings in great detail. We also conducted an amazing experiment with daffodils to find out how they respond to different types of light (or to the lack of it) and how they respond to the absence or presence of water. In some, we added some blue food colouring in the water and observed them as they quickly turned green, which was a great opportunity for us to explore colour mixing.  
We then based our learning around the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ story and we planted our own beans. The children looked after them daily and some of them kept a diary with their observations. They took them home and carried on looking after them with their families and brought them back in to school to compare and discuss them.
During PE, we pretended we were plants and played lots of games with beans. We also acted out the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’ stories. The children independently moved their learning outdoors where they worked together to pull out grass and plants.
The highlight of this term though, was the Heaviest Potato Competition, where the children had to bring in to school the heaviest potato they could find with their families. It was a great opportunity to compare weights, record our findings, predict and also to learn how to handle not winning. We had a great time and the children learnt lots. We celebrated the end of the competition with A Design Your Own Trophy activity and an award ceremony.
During the last week of term, the Chickens’ Eggs have arrived and the children’s excitement was out of this world. Soon the chicks hatched and  the children couldn’t stop talking about them, waiting for them to grow a bit so they could touch them. We wrote facts about them, made pictures and suggested alternative ways for them to escape after being inspired by the animation ‘Chicken Run’.
What a term.
We’re all looking forward for the last term of this school year.


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Summer 1 Learning Adventure - Ready, Steady, Grow!



Spring 1 Learning Adventure - Frozen


In Year R we explored Frozen Worlds. We learned about which animals live in the Arctic Circle. Our Learning Adventure began with a visit by Explorer Dome, where we experienced different environments. We really enjoyed the dry ice and how foggy the tent got. We also made the shadows of various animals and we used different clothes to camouflage and understand how animals camouflage themselves. We released animals trapped into ice by exploring different ways to see what works best and we had real, whole fish to explore with all of our senses. We didn't really like how they smelled though. Or how they feel when you touch them. Or their dead eyes. We didn't like much about them really. We also used computers to find out facts about these animals, their habitats and their dietary requirements. All of the above helped us to produce some amazing writing, words, captions and sentences. We used sugar cubes to build igloos and we made ice and used adjectives to describe how it feels. Lastly we helped Olaf to choose the best scarf to go to a party. We created several patterns and he chose the best.

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