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YEAR 6 - Hawthorn

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Year 6 Spring 1 Newsletter (Please Sir, I Want Some More Continued)

Autumn 2 - Please Sir I Want Some More Blog


We had a fantastic first half term in Hawthorn. Our ‘Please sir can I have some more learning’ topic has taken us to the dark times of the Victorian Workhouse, learning about living conditions and local history, through to our ‘What the Dickens’ writing.

We have explored the Victorian Empire, and researched the countries that were part of it. Which made us think about the modern ‘Common Wealth’.

Our Science took us into defining what ‘Electricity’ actually is and we debated the job different materials had in order for us to have electricity: and yes, you can create a battery using a lemon!

Our adventurous maths topics have covered some great challenges; we have explored shape and space and looked at how a Victorian workhouse was physically built. We have adopted our 20 in 20 daily challenge, where children have to solve mathematical questions as quickly as possible.

In English, we wrote our own Victorian rules to create a workhouse; that needed to be reformed. We focussed on our own school ethos and included our Love, Courage and Trust within those rules. It was heart- warming to see so many children wanting to reward the workhouse inmates for their hard work.

RE was thought provoking as we discussed interpretation and incarnation. The children thought very carefully at how people in the world are an incarnation of a particular quality, for example: strength grace or power.

Our Art delivered by Mr Richie, took us through the Victorian workhouse, where children connected cogs together and did rubbings with a variety of colours, they added words to show what each cog represented.

Of course I have left the best til’ last! Our fantastic school play ‘Mr Humbug sees the light’ was a rip-roaring success, the children sang and acted their hearts out, they were outstanding in their performance and of course the play allowed them to better know, Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ and now understand why Dickens became known as the man who invented Christmas!




Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter (Please Sir, I Want Some More)

Autumn 1 - Berlin Wall Blog


We had a fantastic first half term in Hawthorn Class. Our Berlin Wall topic was an amazing journey delving into post war Germany.  We explored putting a Wall up and the restrictions it caused. Some of us became guards to keep order in the classroom.  We even had a few children working for the Gestappo!  

Our adventurous maths topics have covered some great challenges, we have explored recombining numbers to help with our calculations and some fantastic multiplying including very large numbers and very small decimals!

Some of us managed to crack Mr Osmond’s year six reasoning challenge on the Berlin Wall showcasing our formal methods of arithmetic.

In English, we wrote some emotive diary entries and imagined what it was like to plan an escape from East Berlin to the West.  We took notes from our research and created power point presentations to show the importance of some of the meetings between the allies and how they divided Europe. 

Our Art and Music featured Pink Floyd who sang the famous ‘another brick in the wall’ and of course in art we looked at some graffiti.   Mr Richie, our Art teacher, was very brave and allowed the children to Graffiti on their early morning work books, Miss Clayton found out about it on the Monday morning! Apparently not knowing the art is going to suddenly appear is half the fun!!

Year 6 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 (Another Brick in the Wall)