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YEAR 6 - Beech

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 2 Learning Adventure - Moving On Up

Summer 1 Learning Adventure - The Journey of Mankind Continued 

Year 6’s Summer time Adventures! 

As the sun started shining so did the year 6’s.
Each and every one of them worked hard throughout the Summer 1 term and they all gave 100% in their SATS assessments. They need to remember they are so much more than any score they are given and that we are proud of them all.
We adventured on through the history of man-kind and moved toward the loves of modern man! Our computing work helped us to decode complex algorithms and helped us to understand internet searches and computer networks. We were able to advise others on how to code- and had fun teaching our parents at our celebration event.
In our art work with Mr Ritchie we have designed and created a graduation chair (for the Winchester Diocese event) that displays the schools values of Love, Courage and Trust- using our amazing pop art work skills to make it really stand out. 
In our English mini-adventures we studied poetry and its effect upon the reader- and performed some too! Our resilient revision helped us to remember key facts through games, songs and mini quizzes - we were SO unbelievably quick!
In out Maths mini adventures we created our own historic board games and timelines to help us explore number and methods in detail.
I’m really looking forward to the final term with our first ever year 6’s getting ready to move on up!

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Summer 1 Learning Adventure - The Journey of Mankind Cont'd

Spring 2 Learning Adventure - The Journey of Mankind!


To begin our journey toward Easter we went back in time….a loooooong way back in time. In fact, to when time began! On our first day we created a timeline to see how the history of the world unfolded and we used the entire field to help us demonstrate it! This time travelling continued to help us understand ‘the journey of mankind’, where we looked at what ancient civilisations really did for the modern age?


In our English mini-adventures we studied the book by Marc Almond called ‘The Savage’ and discussed the emotional journeys some people go through. From this we created our own ‘inner character narratives’ who helped young people overcome their worries and problems- they were year jerkers!

Through maths we have designed our own board games to help others to learn about the four operations and became fraction experts through different time eras.

In our Adventurous learning afternoons we have studied evolution in depth, especially studying the theories of Charles Darwin and evolution. We used reptiles to look at natural selection and became confident using scientific language such as: adaptation, variation and inheritance! Oooooh!

In RE we shared our thoughts and feelings on salvation and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whilst also looking at comparing resurrection to the Buddhist belief of reincarnation.

As the Summer approaches, we are now beginning to support our children in their preparation for the SATs assessments. They are working really hard and are positive and calm. They will be brilliant!


The final term is here… Let’s do this!

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Spring 2 Learning Adventure - The Journey of Mankind!



Spring 1 Learning Adventure - Please Sir…I want some more.


A brilliant start to our year 6’s final year at Pilgrims’ Cross! 

Our big adventure- ‘Please sir, I want some more…Learning!’ has been an incredible exploration of life in the Victorian era. 

We started the half term with Neilcott (the amazing company building the school extension) helping us to understanding the technology behind Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Bridges- and we create our own impressive prototypes and designs/. 

In science we learned what the Victorian era really did to light up our worlds- exploring electricity and light through investigations. During this time we also created and analyse our own line graphs to analyse our results in detail.  

This then went on to us exploring narratives from three sensational Victorian writers, Hardy, Conan-Doyle and Bronte- to create spoooooky inspired narratives ourselves! Our English also lead us to arguing whether education has really changed for the better in the last 100 years- and I think the children will agree from our Victorian school morning that it truly has! 

Our trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard was a fantastic day out for pupils to explore the times of war and medicines of the Victorian era as well as climb aboard the HMS Warrior!

In maths, pupils have been designing their own workhouses using translation and refection, creating mosaic Victorian title designs and solving their own complex two step problems- that even had Mr Osmond challenged!

In RE we have been exploring our understanding of Christianity and other faiths, focusing in on the themes of God through forgiveness. The pupils reflected brilliantly on their understanding of the processes of forgiveness and learned the Christian and Jewish perspectives on how to forgive others.