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YEAR 4 - Pine

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!


Spring Learning Adventure - Made in the Movies


Spring 1 in Pine class was a whirl wind of adventurous learning. The children dove into ‘Made in the Movies’ headfirst and created some fantastic claymations on the very first day back in January! This led onto the children looking into films behind the scenes and we discovered that film crews are much bigger than we thought with lots of different departments that we hadn’t even thought of like Press and Accountancy.

We explored these departments in more detail with the children creating a budget for a film and calculating how many different actors, light fixtures and different sets they could have and keep in budget. For our press department the children created film reviews for their own films and then pitched Adventurous films to BAFTA judge Osmond. It was amazing to see the children all applying their maths and English skills to our adventure with superb results. We also branched into set design where the class applied directions and co-ordinates to navigate around film sets and to let the production crew remember where they had left props when a new take was needed of a shot. We finished the half term with some incredible action narratives based upon Indiana Jones and archaeology with children doing their own research on different ancient sites around the world.

Miss McIntyre and Mrs Lucas can’t wait to see where the children take them in the ‘War and Peace’ adventure in Spring 2 and Summer 3!

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