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YEAR 4 - Ash and Beech

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter (The Shang Dynasty)

Autumn 2 - King Alfred & the Vikings (Continued) Blog


King Alfred and the Vikings – part 2

This half term has been amazing in year 4!

One of the best parts was the Christingle performance at St Mary’s. The children sang beautifully and saved all the teachers from heart attacks by being VERY sensible with the lit Christingles! With no one catching fire, the service was a tremendous success and we were even able to sing one of the songs to the whole school afterwards!

The children also enjoyed our Viking day in school creating some fantastic shields. Almost all of them said that their favourite part was cooking and then eating the Saxon bread, layering honey on top for added sweetness. The day was even better due to their fantastic costumes; thank you to everyone who helped the children look like fierce Vikings and Saxons!

Year 4 created beautiful Saxon house scenes as part of decoration day using their shape knowledge from a maths adventure. In maths they also designed and then made thrones for King Alfred during our Great British Throne Off. They worked hard to calculate the area, perimeter and cost of their thrones so that King Alfred could pick the one he wanted.

They continued with King Alfred in English where they wrote factual biographies which improved our knowledge on the first ever King of England. The children found the treasure hunt round school great fun as they researched his life.

We hope you all have had an incredible Christmas holiday, the children deserve it, they have worked their socks off this term!


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Year 4 Autumn 2 Newsletter (King Alfred and the Vikings continued....)

Autumn 1 - King Alfred & the Vikings Blog


We have had a terrific first half term in Year 4! Both Ash and Beech class have thrown themselves into their Viking adventure so far, learning fascinating facts about life on long ships and battling dragons!

Maths has kept us on our toes as we started off with a vicious Viking quarrel between two tribes, however they were no match for our current Year 4s who were able to use their place value knowledge to solve the clues left behind by the thieving neighbouring tribes.

The children have also all earnt their Viking warrior kits through sniffing out and recognising different patterns with multiplication and even negative numbers!

We became experts in English for our dragon reports where we mimicked David Attenborough and investigated the world of dragons to write non-chronological reports and film documentaries.

In another mini adventure for English we switched director seats for poetic pens and created Kenning poems which we learnt were originally created by Vikings and Saxons!

At the same time as challenging ourselves in English and Maths we also delved into the world of Viking lifestyles and looked at the different areas of life as a Viking – their homes, clothes and much more. Once we had set sail for England from Scandinavia we observed life in the North Sea below us and categorised the different creatures we found there.

We can’t wait to keep discovering more as we continue with King Alfred and the Vikings after a well-deserved break!



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Year 4 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 (King Alfred & the Vikings)