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YEAR 3 - Chestnut and Elm

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 1 Newsletter (Sporting Heroes)

Spring 2 Walk like an Egyptian


Year 3 – Walk like an Egyptian!


On our first day back after half term, Year 3 had a very exciting start to our new adventure as they came in dressed as Ancient Egyptians! Thank you parents for all the hard work you put into this. During our time as Egyptologists, we have learned about pharaohs, pyramids and tombs, and we even did an archaeological dig! We discovered lots of ancient Egyptian artefacts and guessed what they may have been used for before finding out what they really were.


In English, we started by learning about the Egyptian hieroglyphics writing system so that we could create our own cartouches and decode secret messages written in hieroglyphs. Then we wrote our own secret messages! Next, we learned all about the (disgusting!) process of mummification and wrote some instructions about how to mummify a Pharaoh! Finally, we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter – the famous Egyptologist and archaeologist who discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb.


In Maths, the children have been busy practicing their multiplication and division skills. First, we had to help the Pharaoh work out how he could build his new pyramid. Next, we used our division and multiplication skills to work out what we would need to buy for our end-of-adventure party (which was lots of fun!).


We’ve also been doing lots of amazing art work. The children worked with Mr Ritchie to create a painted canvas of an Egyptian sarcophagus. We have also painted some incredible Egyptian sunset landscape pictures, and we also made mummified cats!


We’ve been continuing our fun French learning with songs about the parts of the body, colours and more! We have started to write sentences in French, too! The children have loved learning French this half term.


In RE the children learnt about the Easter story and how the death of Jesus brought hope to the people they could then start their lives and their relationship with God again.


Year 3 have worked incredibly hard this half term, and it really has flown by! We have had SO much fun learning about Ancient Egypt, and are definitely sad to see this adventure come to an end.


Thank you for the continued support you give the children.  Have a lovely Easter break and we’re looking forward to seeing you after the holidays for our brand new exciting adventure!


Miss Tulié, Mrs Carter and Ms Hutchison

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Spring 2 Newsletter (Walk like an Egyptian)

Spring 1 - Rollin' on the river


Year 3 – Rollin’ on the River!


This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about rivers and oceans so that we could become potamologists (people who study rivers)! During our adventure, we learnt about the parts of a river, rivers in the UK, why cities are established on river banks, and we learnt all about the 8 compass points and grid references on maps!


We kicked off our English adventures by writing some amazing ocean poetry! Then, we wrote an under the sea story before finally we wrote a non-chronological report all about the fun activities you can do on rivers! Mr Le Fevre brought his paddleboard and canoe into school to show us what fun they are! We also used the computers to research the different activities in order to gather information for our reports.


In maths, we learnt all about fractions and wrote a letter to Harold Seahorse explaining whether we’d like to use our skills to be a marine biologist. Next, we had to help Dory go through the pipes! We had to learn all about angles and lines. Finally, we recorded videos to show the water sports centre how to give people the correct change.


We have also done some incredible art this half term. We started off by painting sea animals using the artistic skill, ‘pointillism’. We had to be so patient as it took lots of time, but our pictures look really effective! We also did some great art with Mr Ritchie, creating port-holes and mermaids. Finally, we painted the birds-eye view of a river, to learn about all the different parts.


Thank you once again for all the support you continue to give the children. We can’t wait to get stuck into our next adventure – all about the Ancient Egyptians! J


Miss Tulié and Ms Hutchison

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Year 3 Spring 1 Newsletter (Rollin' on the River)

Autumn Term 2 - I am a Warrior (Continued) Blog


Year 3 – Continue with our ‘I am a Warrior’ adventure with an added focus on Volcanos.


Once again we have been so busy in Year 3 this half term! We have continued to answer Mr Le Fevre’s adventurous challenge and learn as much as we could about the Romans. To spice it up a bit he added more to the challenge, including finding out about Boudicca and looking at Volcanos. In order to do this we invited Boudicca to come to our school and teach us about her life. We had a wonderful day where we all got to dress up and learn about how she lead the Celts and hated the Romans. We took parts in lots of different activities and got the opportunity to dress up! It was an incredibly exciting day.


In English, we have been working hard to improve our writing skills! We read an amazing but emotional story called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ which was about 2 children who had to leave their home and families to escape and erupting volcano. From this book we looked at the use of emotive language and then used this skill to write letters home. We then focussed on another story called ‘The giant that stirred’. Here our focus was compound and complex sentences which we used in our final piece of writing, which was to rewrite the story with our own characters.


In maths, we received addition and subtraction skills from a Roman school. We had to work hard to prove that we were able to use these skills and prove it in order to receive our certificate. Once we had achieved this we were all very confident when using number lines to add and subtract. This lead nicely into our next mini adventure which was to learn how to use the column method. The Head Teacher at the Roman School was incredibly impressed with our learning and asked us to write a leaflet explaining the column method once we had learnt it to give to his Year 3’s. The children worked incredibly hard to solve number sentences using the column method but also understand the method. We were very proud of ourselves when we achieved this.


This half term we also had a week where we focussed on WW1. The whole school took part in the 215 project, where we looked into a solider from the war and completed a range of activities based on his life. We also created our own solider which was displayed in Andover. Thank you for those parents who took their child to see all the soldiers.


Despite it being a very busy half term, not only with our classroom learning but with the excitement of Christmas, the children have worked exceptionally hard. We would also like to thank those of you who joined us at St Marys Church for our first Christingle event. So off we go into Spring Term where the amazing learning will continue.

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Year 3 Autumn 2 Newsletter (I am a Warrior)

Autumn Term 1 - I am a Warrior Blog


We have been so busy in Year 3 this half term! Mr Le Fevre set us an adventurous challenge to learn as much as we could about the Romans, and we couldn’t wait to get started! The children had a very exciting start to their adventure as they collectively created their very own life-size Roman soldier! Since then, we have learnt so much. We have been looking at what Roman life was life, why the Romans wanted to invade Britain, how the Romans defeated the Celts and lots more! As well as all of this, the children have also been learning all about plants and how they grow, so that they could acquire the skills to become the Roman Emperor’s new gardener!


In English, we have been doing lots of incredible writing! Miss Tulié and Mrs McNeil found an old, torn Roman myth… but the ending was missing! The children really enjoyed writing their own endings to complete the story about how Rome began. Next, we found out all about Julius Caesar. The children became journalists and wrote an article all about how he died! For this, we had to learn all about the 5Ws and how to lay out a newspaper article. To help us with the facts, we got the chance to interview some key witnesses at the scene of the crime!


In maths, the children had to earn their Roman Warrior certificates by exploring number systems. Next, the Roman Emperor wanted the children to create a maths game for his guests to play at his parties. Using their knowledge of patterns and times tables, the children had lots of fun designing and creating their maths games, and we hope you enjoy playing these at home too! Finally, a builder requested that we design him a Roman Amphitheatre. The children used their knowledge of multiplication and division to help, expertly using arrays and blank number lines!


In art, the children have had lots of fun learning about and creating their own Roman mosaics. They also made their own piece of artwork incorporating Roman numerals, which we have been learning about within our maths adventures!


In computing, we made Roman animations using the iPads. The children had lots of fun planning their story and creating their background scenes for this project!


Year 3 have worked incredibly hard in this first half term and it really has flown by! Thank you for the support you have given the children. There is so much to learn about the Romans that our adventure is continuing into our next half term – we can’t wait!

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Year 3 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 & 2 (I am a Warrior)