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YEAR 3 - Chestnut and Elm

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Year 3 Autumn 2 Newsletter (I am a Warrior)

Autumn Term 1 - I am a Warrior Blog


We have been so busy in Year 3 this half term! Mr Le Fevre set us an adventurous challenge to learn as much as we could about the Romans, and we couldn’t wait to get started! The children had a very exciting start to their adventure as they collectively created their very own life-size Roman soldier! Since then, we have learnt so much. We have been looking at what Roman life was life, why the Romans wanted to invade Britain, how the Romans defeated the Celts and lots more! As well as all of this, the children have also been learning all about plants and how they grow, so that they could acquire the skills to become the Roman Emperor’s new gardener!


In English, we have been doing lots of incredible writing! Miss Tulié and Mrs McNeil found an old, torn Roman myth… but the ending was missing! The children really enjoyed writing their own endings to complete the story about how Rome began. Next, we found out all about Julius Caesar. The children became journalists and wrote an article all about how he died! For this, we had to learn all about the 5Ws and how to lay out a newspaper article. To help us with the facts, we got the chance to interview some key witnesses at the scene of the crime!


In maths, the children had to earn their Roman Warrior certificates by exploring number systems. Next, the Roman Emperor wanted the children to create a maths game for his guests to play at his parties. Using their knowledge of patterns and times tables, the children had lots of fun designing and creating their maths games, and we hope you enjoy playing these at home too! Finally, a builder requested that we design him a Roman Amphitheatre. The children used their knowledge of multiplication and division to help, expertly using arrays and blank number lines!


In art, the children have had lots of fun learning about and creating their own Roman mosaics. They also made their own piece of artwork incorporating Roman numerals, which we have been learning about within our maths adventures!


In computing, we made Roman animations using the iPads. The children had lots of fun planning their story and creating their background scenes for this project!


Year 3 have worked incredibly hard in this first half term and it really has flown by! Thank you for the support you have given the children. There is so much to learn about the Romans that our adventure is continuing into our next half term – we can’t wait!

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Year 3 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 & 2 (I am a Warrior)