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YEAR 2 - Hazel and Lime

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 1 Learning Adventure - Going for Gold

Spring 2 Learning Adventure - London's Burning


After half term, the children were taken back in time to 1666. We pretended there was a fire in the KS1 playground and that the children had to put it out! Without fire engines or easy water access, the children had to pass buckets of water along a chain. It was a big challenge but they did it!


So this half term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. The children have learnt about how it started, why it spread and how London was rebuilt. They wrote diary entries as if they were someone affected by the Plague. The children did brilliantly to show their emotions and had an excellent idea of life in the 1660s. They also sketched and collaged Tudor houses as well as collaged pictures to show London on fire.


We were very lucky to have a visit from the Hampshire fire brigade who taught us about fire and road safety. The children went in a fire engine and wore jackets and hats whilst using the hose to put out a fire target! What a brilliant day!


In English, the children have been doing even more lovely writing. They wrote brilliant fact files about Samuel Pepys and then they pretended to be him to write their very own fire diary. They also enjoyed re-writing the Queen’s hat based upon life in 1666.


In Maths, the children have been practising their skills in multiplication and division by helping Tom make his buns and then making sure there was enough for all of London. They also helped Tom in the bakery with giving equal amounts of bread and pastries to the people of London after the fire.


In RE, the children have been learning about the Easter Story. They went on a story trail to learn about the Easter Story and they discussed the emotions felt at each stage. They then learnt about how Christians remember death of Jesus and even got to eat some hot cross buns and Easter eggs. The children enjoyed learning about another predominantly Christian country and were surprised to discover that Barbados was our focus. They explored the traditions carried out in Barbados and made their own Easter Celebration scene.


We must also mention Book week. The children’s costumes were amazing and even though it took two weeks to fulfil they loved learning how to write poetry and how to create pictograms and answer statistical questions using the Wild Child book.


As always, thank you to the parents for their support in the children’s home learning. We always enjoy looking at their work and achievements outside of school learning.

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Spring 2 Learning Adventure - London's Burning



Spring 1Learning Adventure - Iceberg Right Ahead


After the Christmas holidays, the children found a message in a bottle in the playground. It was an old diary entry written by a girl called Martha. There was a piece of the diary missing so we searched the playground and found that Martha was a passenger on the Titanic. This half term we have sequenced the events of the Titanic, discovered why the Titanic was special, and looked at the differences between the 1st and 3rd class passengers as well as why the ship sank and how ships have been improved today. We ended the adventure with a very fun trip to the Titanic Museum!


In English we have been reading Kaspar the Titanic Cat. We have written adventure stories as well as fact books and instructions all about the Titanic. We have learnt lots of new skills such as past and present tense and the difference between exclamatory sentences, questions and statements.


In Maths, the children were set various tasks from Captain Edward Smith. They have been solving challenging addition and subtraction word problems using structured and unstructured number lines. They have been breaking codes from 106 years ago using problem solving skills!


In Science, we have been doing lots of experiments and investigations. The children created their own foil boats and used pennies to see how long they would float in the water. The children also played with ice to investigate how long it takes an ice cube to melt in different temperature water.


In Art the children created some incredible porthole scenes using water colours and flour in poster paint to create a textured feel.


Our RE concept this half term has been remembering through Hoi. The children learnt who Vishnu was and why Hindus remember him and how. They then designed their own Holi festival to show traditions that they thought would show how good Vishnu was.


Yet again the children have been incredibly busy but worked exceptionally hard. Thank you for the support you have given the children in their home projects.We are always amazed at the efforts!


We can’t wait to start a new and exciting adventure!

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