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YEAR 1 - Maple and Sycamore

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 1 Learning Adventure - Up, Up and Away

Spring 2 Learning Adventure - When the city sleeps!


First day back after half term Year 1 had a very exciting start to our new adventure as they came in dressed as Superheroes. Thank you parents for the hard work you put into this. On this exciting day the children had a chance to describe their Superhero, make Superhero badges and Superhero photo frames. For our adventure we have focussed on many real life heroes. The children read and saw pictures of these heroes such as Jessica Ennis and Steven Hawking. To help the children understand more about what a real life hero is, we had visitors come in to explain their jobs and how they are considered a real life hero. The children were particularly interested in hearing about Jo’s stories and how he managed to ride his bike across the world and end up stood outside the Sydney Opera House.


On World book day, Year 1 had a fantastic time dressed as a wild character, telling us about their favourite stories, going on the Gruffalo Trail and painting animal masks for our Jungle Dance.


In English, we read the story ‘Supertato’. Year 1 were so motivated to write a story to the evil pea because he had captured Mrs McNeil’s teddy bear and would only give it back once our stories were amazing – which they were! The children made their very own Supertato which was the character for their own story. They enjoyed writing descriptions about their character and telling us what he/she does i.e. skipping, flying, jumping, remembering to add the ‘ing’ to their verb.


In Maths, the children were set the task of using their knowledge of money to help work out how much it would cost to create a scene for our Jungle Dance. They had a great understanding of the different coins they had to add together. They have also managed to help Spiderman tell the time

‘o clock’ and ‘half past’. They have also been introduced to solving multiplication problems using grouping methods and arrays.


In Art, the children planned, made and evaluated Superhero Capes. They had to investigate Superhero logos before making their own logo that they then painted using watercolours. This was then placed on to the back of their cape. It was great to see they took a lot of time and care over their capes.


In Computing, we made Superhero animations using the Ipads. The children had a lot of fun making their Superhero characters out of playdough.


Year 1 have worked extremely hard this half term and it has flown by! They have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure of ‘Superheroes’ and we don’t want it to end.

Thank you for the support you have given the children. Have a lovely Easter break and we’re look forward to seeing you after for our new adventure!

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Spring 2 Learning Adventure - While the city sleeps!



Spring 1 Learning Adventure - No Place Like Home


After the Christmas holidays, Year 1 had a launch day where the children bought photos in to show their homes and their favourite places in Andover. We discussed their photos and then the children had a busy day making their houses out of play dough and painting their favourite place. This half term we discussed different homes and where people live. Using maps we looked at what is in and around Andover. It was interesting to find our school and homes on the map. We also discussed the changes we are having to our school and we were sent lots of tasks by the builders. We ended our adventure with a visit from Laura whose role is to work alongside the builders and find out about the development of our school. She told us all about how the school is being built and showed us what materials they are using.


In English, we have been reading the stories ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘What the Ladybird heard.’ We have written adventure stories and a recount in the role of the Ladybird. We have learnt lots of new skills such as verbs ending in ‘ed’ and time conjunctions such as ‘first’ ‘next’ and ‘then’


In Maths, the children were set various tasks from the builders. They have been solving addition and subtraction problems using number lines. They have also been learning more about 2D and 3D shapes, so we can help Mr LeFevre decide where to put things in the new classroom.


In Science, we have been doing lots of investigations to find out about various materials. By touching and looking at various materials the children could tell us what the material was made of and some of its properties. They decided which materials would be best in our new classrooms and why. We wrote a letter back to Mr LeFevre explaining our findings.


In DT, the children planned, made and evaluated homes made from straws. They had to investigate which material would be the strongest to hold their homes together.


Year 1 have been incredibly busy this half term and yet again worked exceptionally hard. Thank you for the support you have given the children. We are looking forward to starting a new adventure!