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Why choose Pilgrims' Cross?

If you are looking for a primary school for your child, we would like you to consider us here, at Pilgrims’ Cross CE Aided Primary School.


Our friendly, sparkling school, is nestled in a brand new community and offers excellent facilities and a dynamic team.

We aim to give children the knowledge and skills to set them up for life and to make learning a rich and happy experience for them.


So, what sets us apart?


We see the whole child in our care. We notice the unique talents and gifts they bring. Our staff strive to nurture and develop the smallest flicker of potential, to guide the children to a fulfilled and successful future.

As a parent, you’ll want your child to make a strong start to their education, to feel included and valued, to build towards having choices in life and finding their place within the world. At Pilgrims’ Cross we share these thoughts.  We want to enrich the lives of the children entrusted to us, to inspire and motivate them to be the best they can be.


We are a Church of England School, welcoming children of all faiths, or none, promoting tolerance and understanding. Moral and educational values walk hand in hand. Virtues of trust, love and courage, are embedded in the ethos and fabric of our school.


Parents are very much included and welcomed into the school experience, helping to enrich the partnership between home and school for children and adults alike. Please see 'How can I get involved in school life?'

At Pilgrims’ Cross we lead by example and set our standards high. We know that every child is precious and take seriously the responsibility we have to teach them well and to help them aspire to more.


That is why we would like you to consider Pilgrims’ Cross CE Primary School as you make your choice.

We would be delighted to show you around and  look forward to welcoming you.


Mr Le Fevre - Headteacher

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