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In October 2016 we asked the parents in Year 1,2,3,4 and 5 to complete a survey about many aspects of the school. We had approx. 70% response which is brilliant. (pls ignore the numbers at the top of  page 3 of the questionnaire it does not reflect the response rate.)



  • 99% of all parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child was HAPPY AT THIS SCHOOL
  • 98.5% of all parents agreed or strongly agreed that there was a HAPPY ATMOSPHERE AT THIS SCHOOL
  • 93% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child is MAKING GOOD PROGRESS
  • 95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the STAFF IN THE SCHOOL WERE APPROACHABLE
  • 96% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the SCHOOL IS WELL LED AND MANAGED


As you can see from the following documents the parents are very pleased with the school's provision. The areas where we had the most disagree or strongly disagree responses we have planned with the PARENTS FORUM ( group of interested  ways to improve our offering. One of the areas we have been focussing on since receiving the responses is improving the information given to parents concerning how to help their children at home and also how they are progressing in different subjects. To address these areas, we will be holding a termly information evening bespoke to the age of the parents children, refining the information we share with parents at parents evening and also looking into a welcome pack to the school and possibly each year group.


If you do have nay questions concerning this questionnaire please contact the office and ask for the Head teacher, Jon Le Fevre.


As part of the survey the parents were asked, it was not compulsory, to state the best thing about the school. The unedited responses to this request are also below for you to read. :-)


Here are some of the comments


  • The fact that my child always comes home happy from school and eager to tell me about his learning. He loves his school! The teaching and support staff are all very kind, friendly and approachable. It is clear that all staff truly do care about the children. I like the fact that you are greeted each morning on the gate by the Head teacher / Deputy Head.

  • I think the atmosphere at the school is extremely friendly and the children all appear to be happy. The staff are very approachable and the office staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.

  • We've had and having brilliant teachers at this school , they do their up most best to help parent and child to do well , and I'm very impressed

  • I like hearing about the LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST messages at home.

  • Without doubt The welcoming attitude and the sense of love and support around learning. knowing that my child is heard, and encouraged, and is learning.

  • The school has a great approach to behaviour and values. My child frequently relays to me what they are being taught about, for example, love, being kind, helping people, working hard for own goals, being as good as you can be in whatever you are doing. I like that the teachers are willing to talk if you need it. For me I feel I get enough information with regards to things going on in the school.

  • We believe the interactions with the community is a very positive attribute - as a growing community the school does feel central to it's on-going development

  • The atmosphere is full filing & engaging. Children are excited to start their day! All staff are professional & understanding. The school is secure & well kept. The loving atmosphere makes this school a very happy place to be :-)

  • As easy as it is to review the school against what we require as Parents... My son has nothing but good things to say about his school experience. The teachers are first class and the atmosphere and ethos are lovely.