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What other parents say about the school

The school carries out a annual survey of parents to enable us to further improve.

The following quotes are some of the parents answers to the question on the survey that asked:


What do you like most about the school?


"My son loves attending school and I feel Pilgrims' Cross caters very well in all aspects of his learning.
I would certainly recommend this school to anyone considering sending their child here."


"I like the friendly warm welcome you get from both the staff and other parents and feel if I had any issues that the school would address them with no worries at all. I would happily recommend anyone to send their children to Pilgrims' Cross."


"I like that the school promotes Love, Courage & Trust amongst the pupils. They are taught to respect one another and to treat each other fairly. It is a really lovely school that makes all children feel welcome."


"I love that the school stands strongly with its beliefs and teaches the children to respect each other, and that the school deals with any issues very promptly."


"The enthusiasm of the teachers, which captures the children's interest and makes them want to learn."


"We've had and having brilliant teachers at this school , they do their up most best to help parent and child to do well, and I'm very impressed."


"The leadership staff are really visible, approachable and welcoming.  They clearly work as an exceptional team and their ethos for learning runs throughout the school."


"The values and the airy, open atmosphere. Links with community, the playing fields, the leadership from the head."


"The atmosphere is fulfilling engaging. Children are excited to start their day! All staff are professional & understanding. The school is secure & well kept. The loving atmosphere makes this school a very happy place to be :)"


"The fact that my child always comes home happy from school and eager to tell me about his learning. He loves his school! The teaching and support staff are all very kind, friendly and approachable. It is clear that all the staff truly do care about the children.  I like the fact that you are greeted each morning on the gate by the Head teacher / Deputy Head."


"I think the atmosphere at the school is extremely friendly and the children all appear to be happy. The staff are very approachable and the office staff are very helpful and knowledgeable."


"There is always a feeling of positive energy when I am around the school, speaking to a teacher or attending a school run event."


"The welcoming attitude and the sense of love and support around learning. knowing that my child is heard, and encouraged, and is learning."




The survey also poses statements to the parents and  they are asked to choose one of these answers: STRONGLY AGREE, AGREE, DISAGREE or STRONGLY DISAGREE.


Below here are some of the outcomes from the survey, the full survey can be viewed below.



99% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED their child was happy in school.


95% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED they feel welcome in the school.


93% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED their children make good progress.


94% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED that the school's values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child.


95% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED that they think members of staff at the school are approachable.


95% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED that the Newsletters provide me with clear information regarding what has happened in school but also about future events.


94% of parents AGREED or STRONGLY AGREED that the school has been led and managed well.