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What do the children say about our school?

In November 2014, we surveyed pupils in Years 1-3 about their experience in our school.

Please find below a selection of some of the comments provided by the children, in addition to percentages given in response to each question by class and as a whole school:


Year 3

“Adults explain my next steps to me”

“Every child is well behaved”

“Adults help me when I am hurt”

“This is an amazing school”

“The headteacher keeps us safe”

“I know adults listen to us as they look at us when we speak”

“My growing greens tell me how to improve my work”

“I like getting tickled pinks”

“I enjoy being in the Golden Book and like learning new things”

“Every teacher does a good job”

“Children are kind to each other and I have loads of friends”

“Miss Johnston does a good job because she just wants us to learn”

“The senior staff greet us at the gate”


Year 2

“Adults explain things to me so that I understand my work”

“I love this school”

“I know how well I am doing because I get certificates”

“I like RE”

“I know I’m doing well because I get house points”

“I feel safe at school because the doors are locked’

“I enjoy school because people share toys with me”

“I read my growing greens so I know what to do next”

“There is no bullying here”

“Learning is fun and playtime is about the right length of time”

“I know how well I’m doing because I got a Golden Ticket from Miss Johnston”

“Mrs Foynes helps me with my sounds for spellings”


Pupil Survey November 2014