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In January 2016, we as a community, revisited our school's Christian Values. We discussed the meaning of them, their role in shaping us and the children as positive members of society. We discussed how we can make them real for the children and decided to start a journey of exploration with the children based on these values.


As part of the revisit we created definitions of the Christian Values that are distinctive to our school and also in a form the children can understand. You will see these definitions below.


This is a journey which we have started and look forward to learning together to make these Christian Values at the heart of everything we do.

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Spirituality is distinctive in our school. Spirituality means thinking about moments in our daily lives and how these moments change us for the better. It helps us to think about ourselves, others, the beauty of the wider world and the spirit beyond. Spirituality can be seen in our school through our wide range of experiences, reflections, questions and listening to others.   Spirituality makes us who we are.



Spirituality is a big part of our school. Spirituality means thinking about moments in our daily lives and how these moments change us for the better.   Spirituality makes us who we are.



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Research around the area revealed evidence of a pilgrimage route. In the developers planning documents are highlighted:


‘A key landscape feature is The Harroway, a track way with prehistoric origins. This runs to the north of Andover.’ ‘The track way remained in use through into the Medieval period as a thoroughfare towards Canterbury and London for pilgrims.’


As the school is a Church of England School, the notion of pilgrimage seemed in keeping with the idea that we are all on a journey through life; of what ever faith we have or of none.

As the school will be at a cross roads for many in the years ahead the name Pilgrims’ Cross fell into place.

The Journey Begins: Our School History

In collaboration with the Diocese of Winchester, Hampshire Local Authority proposed a new school for the new development at Picket Twenty. Discussions and consultation started around 2009 and the decision to work towards a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary school was agreed.


Work started on the housing development with road improvements, in the summer of 2011. Planning permission for the school was granted in October 2011.

Kier Construction started work on the school on the 9 July 2012 and the Canterbury Cross externally fixed to the school hall, was blessed by Bishop Peter of Basingstoke in a ceremony on the 31st May 2013.

The school was handed over to the Governing Body on the 29th July 2013, ready to prepare for opening on the 9th September 2013. The official opening ceremony was held on the 24th October, with the school jointly opened by Bishop Peter and Cllr Edgar.


The age range of the school will be 4-11 years (Years R-6), initially opening in September 2013 to children in Years R, 1 and 2 and extending to also offer places to children in Year 3 from September 2014.    In October 2014 we began our our school's extension, with our new constructor Raymond Brown.      


Pilgrims’ Cross has been built to serve the needs of the homes on the Picket Twenty development. 
This follows the tradition of church schools being built to serve the community in which they sit.