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On the 12th September, our new House Teams were launched with the help of the Hawk Conservancy.

House Teams have been introduced at the request of the children, as part of our school's behaviour policy.


The school now has four house teams. The houses are based upon birds that the children have chosen from the Hawk Conservancy; Red Kite, Hooded Vulture, African Eagle and Snowy Owl! Members of each team can earn points for their house by showing our school's 'Beautiful Attitudes'. Each House has an elected Captain from Year 3.


Every class keeps a record of points earned through the week and the four house captains collate the points on a Tuesday and add them to the house point display. This can be found in the art gallery area. The running totals will be announced weekly in Wow Worship. The team with the most points at the end of each half term will be awarded the trophy, decorated in their team colours and each member of the team, will receive a cup cake iced in their team colours

Current House Point Totals


Hooded Vulture                   429 points (yellow)


Snowy Owl                          373 points (blue)


Red Kite                               362 points (red)


African Fish Eagle              297 points (green)