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As Pilgrims' Cross opened to only Reception and KS1 children in September 2013, there is only two sets of KS1 Attainment Data. However, even in these two year's of data the attainment of the children has risen. There were significantly more children achieving the higher attainment in READING AND WRITING compared to last year.


These results are also well above the national average and the School's Deprivation Measure show this area is at the national level of deprivation, so above the national is a very positive result for the school.


In 2016, the assessment process and measure are being changed by the Government so a direct comparison Year on year will not be possible. There will however be comparisons with school's nationally and we will report these result in September 2016.

Key Stage 2 (End of Year 6) Results


We do not currently have Year 6 pupils at our school and therefore there is no historical attainment data for KS2 pupils.


Once Year 6 pupils begin to attend, the school will report on:


- % of children achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths

- % of children making expected progress in each subject

- % of children achieving Level 5 or above in reading and writing

- % of children achieving Level 5 or above in maths

As a parent, how will I be kept informed about my child's achievements and progress?

Parent's Evenings are held every term, which involve the class teacher, parents and the child. The focus of these meetings is to discuss how each child is progressing with their learning, what the next steps in their learning will be and how everyone can work together to achieve success for every child at Pilgrims’ Cross. It will also be an opportunity to review your child’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) if they have one, in addition to their attendance and punctuality. 

Parents of children in Years R-6 will be issued with a yearly report about their child's achievements, in addition to phonic screening information (Year 1) and SATS results (Year 2) at the end of the academic year.


Attendance Information 2015-2016


September to January this year the overall attendance rate is:  95.5%


We support families, in many different ways, that find regular attendance difficult, as we know regular attendance has a very positive effect of children's learning.


The school will not authorise any leaves of absence unless they are exceptional circumstances, and will if necessary issue fixed penalty notices for unauthorised absences.